We Are Summer-ized, Vol. 1

Various Artists

A gala event here at Summer-ized Sessions, we are proud to present our debut VA comp.

Breaking the rule of 6 [musically speaking, of course], we have brought together EIGHT of our favourite artists, each with a unique flavour that comes to form a colourful mix of talent and taste.

Starting with Marc Volt's deep and dubby minimal chugger "Don't Do It", before moving deeper still into the basement sounds of Karuva's "Sway", energy levels are retained with Jack Swift's gorgeous garage-tinged "Multiply".

Taking things to a more Tech vibe, resident Kieren Lythgow delivers another booty-bumpin' bassline with "Say Something", setting things up nicely for head honcho Shane Fernandes and the anthemic "Up To You".

Following that up with some lighter flavours, Wez Baldwin's "Suzi" gives us some jazzy cheekiness, joined by Sascha Sonido's sunny "Spirit Of House" to warm one's cockles before MKEY brings us full circle with the deep and dubby fluidity of "Unorthodox" as the perfect cool down.

All this in our first collection of fresh new music of the underground's finest proves that whatever the weather up top, WE ARE SUMMER-IZED!

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