Soulseek EP

Luigi Rocca

Making his label debut, Luigi Rocca comes with a heavily nuanced and full-bodied two-track that will drop jaws as much as it raises hands, bringing us well and truly into Techno territory.

Kickin' off with title track 'Soulseek', the sultry Techno groove is supplemented seductively by an irresistible electro snarl that sends electricity through the spine, and outward into the extremities. The driving energy, as it pulses through drops and breakdowns, brings a more-ish insistence that has the listener begging for it to keep playing.

Following this behemoth is 'The Joker': an aptly titled piece with a lighter Techno bounce that bursts with cheekiness! As it winds into each of its breakdowns, weaving through spiraling synths and granular grinds, each drop slips it effortlessly back into its own palette-cleansing groove, offering a refreshing push every time.

Relentlessly affecting, and ideal for every season, what Rocca does best here is to balance House flourishes into undeniable Techno, leaving the listener in much the same way as his audiences... wanting more!

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