Hang On EP

Vanilla Ace, CrisWow & Doc Brown

Back to business, and in a big way, we bring you a boisterous EP of House and Techno flavours, with the kind of earworm vocals to appeal across both the popular and underground mainstreams.


Emphatic opener 'Hang On' is a piano-house stomper that will have crowds rushing to the dancefloor, singin' along, or simply throwing their hands in the air! Courtesy of Vanilla Ace and CrisWow, the rich vocal is more-ish-ly infectious, joyous to behold, and certain to have many a mouth movin' along to it!


Following it comes 'Walk On Me', complete with a double-bill of mixes, from both Vanilla Ace and Doc Brown. The former is a seductive, bass-bobbin', bit of vocal House from Vanilla Ace, with flourishes of dusty funk; whilst the latter is Doc Brown's bolstering Techno take on matters, that will have you aching to get back to being squished and sweaty in DC10 again!


Every track has its own moment in the sun, and with a pending Summer the likes of which none of us will have seen before, this EP covers all bases perfectly!

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